Xinuos knows that you are managing systems or development projects where time is critical and that key people depend on you for fast, accurate technical support. SoftTech support is designed to meet your needs for answers to technical issues and to keep your system running at peak efficiency. Business critical systems on the industry-standard hardware are becoming more powerful each year creating a growing demand for quality services.

With SoftTech, you have the flexibility to choose the Xinuos products, you need supported, with the ability to add on additional products and services.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Telephone, Email, fax or web incidents
  • Support covers unlimited licenses and installations
  • Includes support for one operating system on current product release
  • Three authorized contacts
  • Assigned Administrative Account Manager
  • 1 business hour response
  • Xinuos Online Service Manager, which includes:
    • Access to Xinuos online knowledge center for current releases
    • Automatic notification service of new Technical Articles and patches
    • Access to online support account information and activity
  • Add on services available (24x7 Emergency Services, retired Xinuos operating system limited retired support)


  • Simplifies support administration
  • Simplifies contract administration
  • Simplifies contract administration
  • Ensures efficiency and the technical expertise of your staff
  • Ensures fast response for critical issues

Account Manager

To ensure that your support service needs are met, an Account Manager is assigned to your account. To ensure continuity, your Account Manager will provide a single point of contact for administrative issues, and be an advocate for your support account within Xinuos.

Access to Xinuos Knowledge Center

SoftTech allows you access to all Technical Articles for current releases using your online account manager.

Automatic Notification Service

With this service, you will be automatically notified by email of all new technical articles, patches, product announcements and other information.

Online Account Information/Status Reports

Secure password protected access to your entitled support contract information and support activity status. In addition, you will also receive monthly status reports through email.

Optional Add-on Services

  • 24x7 Emergency Services - After standard business hours support on issues defined as critical to your overall business that cannot wait until normal business hours. You have the flexibility of purchasing 24x7 Emergency Services on an annual, overnight or for a weekend basis, depending on your business critical needs.
  • Additional contacts
  • Retired Product Support - Add on service is offered on a limited configuration, installation, and troubleshooting basis for the core operating system products that have been officially retired from Xinuos supported product line. Support is limited to existing workarounds and fixes, and does not include engineering escalation support.

For more information, contact your local Xinuos sales representative.