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How to effectively use Xinuos Knowledge Center

In this age of quick fixes and information at your fingertips, Xinuos Knowledge Center is continuing to focus on delivering results, which increase the value of the information received when searching. The Xinuos Knowledge Center offers a way to search lots of information with a user friendly, easy to use interface to retrieve or trim down information effectively. It facilitates searching at all user levels through applications that enable the search engine to remain competitive, while delivering the features and functionality Xinuos customers have grown to expect.

Xinuos delivers over 12,000 technical articles to both contracted and non-contracted customers. Xinuos infrastructure provides quick link access to technical support information 24x7from the Knowledge Center to Xinuos Documentation and Download Websites. Other popular features are the "View Technical Article Activity" in the last 7, 14, or 30 days and the "Search By", "Search In" or "Sort By" criteria preferences.

Xinuos Knowledge Center provides search criteria on Products, Search Text or a combination of both. Users also have the ability to search by TA number or TAs with multiple product classification. TA's can be easily emailed or printed from icons within the Knowledge Center. Each TA is accompanied by specific details on creation date, TA # and delivers active links to other relevant TAs through the "SEE ALSO" section. The "Related Articles" feature suggests other related TAs at the completion of each search. Both contracted and non-contracted customers have the ability to rate TAs for effectiveness and are encouraged to do so.

Some of the highlights of the "Search Engine Entry Screen" are easy tab selections, product and sub-product searches, search in and sort by options and a "Search Text Box". The Search Results Screen renders page numberings, the number of possible matches found, search order selection, a summary and quick links to details. The Detail Screen gives the release field, problem solution, print and email icons and at the beginning of each article, a rating of the article and related articles.

Take a tour of Xinuos Knowledge Center or if you are a contracted customer, use your OSM account via the Online Service Manager. When using the Knowledge Center, here are a few notes and tips to make your experience a bit more rewarding.

  • Use the Product and Search Text box to define the relevance of the articles you are seeking.
  • Read through the "Search Tips Text" to gain some insight into the search engine's directives.
  • Remember that the search text word defaults to an AND search.
  • If you know the TA number you are looking for, set the "Search By" to TA# and enter the number in the Search Text Box.
  • When printing TAs, use the "Print Article Icon". This will allow for the text of the article to print without search engine views.

If this information has been helpful to you and you are interested in attending a Xinuos Webinar on "How to effectively use Xinuos Knowledge Center", contact your Account Manager or contact Xinuos by sending email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..